Introducing TangaExpress™: Cut Your Shipping Time in Half

Tanga is a small company that works with larger companies to bring you the best deals. This means slightly longer shipping times than you might be used to, however, you can sleep well knowing that you'll be getting the absolute best prices on the internet.

And now...Tanga is happy to introduce TangaExpress™, our speedier shipping service on select products!

Look for the NEW TangaExpress Icon

Whenever you see the TangaExpress icon on a product listing, that item is eligible for upgraded, faster shipping service. For a modest upcharge, we can cut the shipping times in half for that particular item.

  • Regular shipping times for these items is 6-10 business days.

  • TangaExpress shipping time will be 3-5 business days.

While TangaExpress shipping service is only available on a portion of our products, we expect to roll this out on more and more products in the future.

Why don’t you offer TangaExpress on all items?

Tanga obtains products from all over the world. We have a few primary warehouses that we use but much of our product is shipped from different locations. We are rolling out the TangaExpress program on items found in our primary warehouses to begin.

What about other Expedited options, such as Next Day service?

Not available yet, but could be in the future.

Why do you calculate the shipping on each item?

As mentioned above, our products ship from various warehouse locations. Sometimes from our primary warehouse, sometimes directly from the manufacturer/partner from whom we acquire the goods. As shipping charges vary from location to location, we have to charge them individually when they are sent in separate shipments.

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