What is Tanga?

We started out in a garage, not because it would make for a nice story about humble beginnings, but because the company was literally trapped in a garage. Both doors were jammed. The whole structure was encased in concrete. The only way out required MacGyver-esque heroics.

Lacking the paper clips and pudding to create an explosive device, we instead had to make due with a stockpile of board games and plans for rapid expansion. It was a million-to-one shot, but what choice did we have?

We started by selling off our board game stockpile - one single board game deal each day. As business slowly grew, we added a word puzzle platform for the growing community of board game and puzzle enthusiasts. Community contributed puzzles appeared on Tanga along with the deal of the day, and thousands came to rejoice in a shared love of puzzles and deals.

Eventually these board-gaming heroes freed us from the isolated garage and the small company stepped into the sunshine and a world of possibilities. First, we decided to put on sunglasses (obviously). Shortly after that, we added LOLShirts and BelleChic to our Tanga network so we could provide even more great deals on shirts and handmade goods.

Now long removed from the garage, and sadly having to say goodbye to the puzzles along the way, we remain focused on providing customers with the absolute best deals on the Internet on thousands of products with your favorite brands. Since our start in that dusty garage, we have listed over one million deals and shipped over three million orders. In all of this, we have saved our savvy customers over $300 million off of retail prices. Want to meet our small team of fine people striving to bring you these deals?




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