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Can I cancel or modify my order?

posted this on November 5, 2013, 10:50 AM

You cannot add or delete items from an order once it has been submitted.

You cannot modify the billing address an order.


To change the items or quantities in your order you must cancel your order and place a new one. (See cancellation instructions below)



If you purchased as a "Guest" go to your confirmation email and click on the order number.  This will take you to the order page.

If you purchase while logged in to your Tanga.com user account, please log in to your account, go to your profile and find the order in the "Past Orders" section.  Read below to make changes to your order:

 1)   If your order has a status of "These Items Have Not Been Packaged Yet" and you wish to change your shipping address, cancel and re-order - see "Cancellations" below.

2) If your order has a status of "Order is being processing - contact customer service for modifications or cancels", please call our customer support team at 435-688-9595 to make shipping address changes. If you chose to email us using our "contact customer service" form located at the top and bottom of Tanga.com, please be aware that your cancellation may not be eligible for processing. Our orders are exported very quickly so we can make sure the items are on their way quickly, to you, the customer. 

3) If your order has a status of "Order is being prepared & cannot be canceled or modified" it is already in process and changes cannot be made.



1) Go to your order page. You can do this by logging in to your Tanga account and clicking on "ACCOUNT", "ORDERS" or through your confirmation email and clicking the red box "Check Order Status."

2) Once you've arrived at your order page check the top right corner. If there is a red cancel button, click it. If you do not see the red cancel button then your order has already been processed and cannot be canceled.




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